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Australia’s Capital City has a unique business environment

Canberra is an idyllic cool-climate city, ideally situated between Sydney and Melbourne and presents as a unique gateway between government operations and private enterprise. Its location also provides for convenient warehousing and logistics hubs for serving regional and rural clientele, whilst remaining within easy reach of the bustling Sydney CBD. Canberra has also been ranked the world’s most liveable city and region, offering and complex mix of attributes that allows the Australian Capital Territory to offer a quality of life incomparable to anywhere else in the country.

With a high proportion of the population gainfully employed in the public sector, high median household income represents ideal conditions for private enterprise to serve the demands of a higher-than-average disposable income and has provided a stable and profitable market for many local businesses.

Canberra is a geographically disparate city focused around several town centres, forming a unique hub and spoke design centred around the three axes of land, water and government. This planned development of the city over several generations has allowed the city to maintain its famed nature corridors and whilst having all the big city attributes. It is aptly referred to as “The Bush Capital”.


Running a small business in Canberra

Canberra is a driving city. Public transport has improved in recent years, including the phased rollout of a new light-rail system, however your business needs to be either a destination in itself, or be easily accessible by car with ample nearby parking.

Canberra is a heavily planned and regulated city, and residents fiercely protect the legacy and amenity of the region they call home.

This high standard extends to customer service, as your clientele can (and will) pay extra to a competitor who goes above and beyond. Therefore, your systems and processes, messaging and follow-up need to be sharp to establish a loyal following in the nation’s capital.


Setting yourself up for success in Canberra, ACT

Work smarter, not necessarily harder. Set up systems and processes for success:

– Cloud Bookkeeping (Xero, Quickbooks Online, NetSuite, MYOB etc)
– Warehousing and Logistics (Pronto, shipstation and many others)
– Marketing automation
– Employee and HR Management system
– Asset management

In addition to sound systems and processes, getting the right advice and recommendations is crucial. We have over 10 years experience with managing businesses in the ACT which makes Ascend Solutions your ideal choice for Corporate Governance and Strategic Cloud Business Management. Ascend Solutions provide insights that stem beyond basic bookkeeping, accounting and corporate advisory. We combine experience in traditional time-honoured practices with the latest in business information systems and integrated payroll and business administration. We consider this a marriage of:

– common sense,
– modern technology, and
– human touch.
At Ascend Solutions our methods are based upon the simple yet effective management principles of:

– plan,
– organise,
– lead, and
– control.


Let us help you take your Canberra business to the next level

It is our mission to declutter, simplify and streamline Australian Businesses. If you would like to learn more, please fill in the contact form below and one of our team will be in contact with you shortly.

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